Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter to all

Hope your Easter if filled with joy. 

Spending time with family is just price less.  I am a beginer Bloger and would love to hear comments on how to make my Blog more interesting and fun.  I love to work on my Cricut with my kids and we also love to knit and crochet.  I have been enjoying some fun evening with a fellow Blogger and Facebook friend.  She has some really nice people following her and what I love the most is she actually responds to her followers.
You all should visit her (  my cricut craft room on Facebook and

Like I said before I am a beginner with Cricut and scrapbooking here is some Mother's day card I am working one.   I also made a Brid cage for my lovly sister.  Who I love so much.....

Leave a comment give me some advise also let me know where I can go online and make my blogspot better.

Please leave your comments good or bad love to hear from you and better myself with my projects..



  1. LOL you are correct. Need to put time and love to my work. Grammer is a must.