Monday, May 16, 2011

School almost out what Crafts have you been designing?

Hello everyone,

Since school is almost out I have been working on come cards for my kids bus driver and teachers.
I am just wondering what other great items have you all been crafting?

For the apple I used Home Accents Cartridge for the worm I use the s in Gorge and for the word thanks I used Gorge.
I used a 5x7 card and cut my paper to that size and when I cut out the apple I used the key fit to page.
I added glitter glue and made my worm pop out by cuting the card and folding that part in.

For my bus I used Doodle Charm Cartridge and for the kids Paper Doll Dress up and the words, and stop sign I used George. I did the same thing as the apple but I cut out the windows and used velum paper so you can see my kids looking out the window when the card is closed. 

For this apple I used Doodle Charm and for the S and thanks I used George.  When the card is closed you do not see the worm. (be careful with this apple not to make the worm to big).

I really love that I made my thank you card this way this year.  The teaches and my kids bus driver really liked them and all have comment that they will keep these in there albums.  I like the personal touch when you say thanks or sorry.  How about you? 

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